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Our Team


Each member of the team works with you individually and also in symphony with the rest of the therapists at Heal to ensure that you are progressing along the path of true healing which will be divinely guided by Spirit in your highest and greatest good. 


Rachel Hope

Co Founder & General Manager

Rachel Hope is a renowned medium who has been guided by Spirit to bring together a group of healers and other practitioners to create a healing clinic where clients can achieve true healing through mind, body, spirit and nature.  Through Divine guidance Rachel has been given a specific combination of progressive protocols designed to heal a person from the inside out.  Her role at Heal is to work with Spirit in order to guide the progress of each client through the process. 


Ragan Wren

Co Founder & Therapist

Hello everyone, my name is Ragan Wren and I am a born again seeker of esoteric truth.  In my first life I was a chef, working in Southern California and Charleston, South Carolina.  Several years ago everything fell apart.  I realized, in horror, at the time, that I was deconstructing my life.  I walked away from my career, I got divorced (it was mutual) and I set out on a journey to find meaning and purpose in my life.  I traveled for almost two years working with shamans, healers and plant medicines.  Looking back on it now it was a great adventure but when I was in it, it was terrifying and lonely.  Taking the path less traveled is quite scary because it does not feel like a path at all.  It feels like dense brush and jungle.  Some weeks you feel like you are cutting your path with a machete and other weeks you feel like you don’t have any tools other than your bare hands. 

As I worked to heal myself I decided that the only work worth dedicating my life to was helping people find their own way to heal.  I want to share everything that I have learned about the truth of our energetic systems, the teachings of the past and our abilities to call upon our higher selves, ancestors and guides to help us find our footing in this incarnation.

I do shamanic healing work with people to reconnect them with some of the lost and forgotten parts of themselves and to shift or remove the energies that are blocking their path.  But, those shifts and those connections are only the beginning of the work.  It is up to the client to hold and strengthen those connections and to integrate those parts of themselves back into the whole.  Of course I can assist in this process but all true healing is done from within and is done by the person themselves.

A few years ago I met my soulmate.  Through Rachel, Spirit literally sent me directly to her.  Tai and I were married the same year we met and welcomed our first child August 23rd, 2020.  All of the work that I did to clean, clear and grow had set me on a path that lead me to my amazing soul partner and I have never been happier.  I am telling you this because if you feel like there is a part of your life that needs to change and you are afraid that what lies ahead is worse, not better, I am telling you that that is not true.  That feeling you feel, for change in your life, is a pull, not a push.  You are being pulled, literally, by your soul, to find your place in this world. 

My intention with the work here at Heal is to help you by shifting the energies that are blocking your path and to share tools that will empower you on your healing journey. I am here to share everything that I have learned, to connect in and allow spirit to guide your healing, be that craniosacral, soul retrieval, bodywork or any of the other tools that may be called upon. 

I am honored and humbled to play a small part in your healing journey and I look forward to working with you.




Reiki Master, Intuitive

Hello, my name is Camilla Stutts. I grew up in Charlotte, NC and have been living in Mint Hill for the last 23 years. I started my reiki journey in 2003 and began giving treatments not too long after. In the beginning of my journey I was blessed with the gift of seeing, so my guide and I created a sign language so we could communicate. Shortly after my reiki master class was completed I started hearing messages from my spirit guides to go to areas of the body or chakras that needed to receive energy for healing and growth. Feeling immense gratitude for such gifts to emerge without having to “learn” them in the traditional sense I have found that even more have awoken including the ability to communicate with many animals as well as plants.

Much of my work centers around encouraging my clients to reduce their stress, stop worrying and move into a space of allowing. In that space I encourage them to set their intentions for what they want their lives to be and then open to the Divine beings to take over and guide me through the healing session. My work is always guided in the highest and greatest good for the client and every session is always unique and different since it is guided by what the client needs in that moment for their healing to continue.




Yoga Instructor, Meditation Leader

Tai resides in Charlotte, NC where she lives, breathes and sleeps her yoga. Tai is an 800 Hour Certified Jivamukti Teacher, 500 hour certified instructor in classical yoga, 200 hours in power yoga as well as prenatal certified. Tai received her first 200 hour certification at Yoga One under the tutelage of Johnna Smith and later pursued her 500 hour with the same teacher. Tai continued her studies and received 200 more hours of certification with Baron Baptiste at his Level 1 and Level 2 training and completed her Prenatal Certification with Amani Murray Jackson. Seeking a deeper practice, Tai fell in love with Jivamukti Yoga, pursued and completed her 300+ hour Jivamukti Certification in May of 2011 under the direct guidance of founders Sharon Gannon and David Life and then went on to complete her 800 hour Jivamukti certification in June of 2012 under the mentorship of Advanced Jivamukti Certified teacher Sangeeta Vallabhan. 

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