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Life Transformation Program

Here are the details of and professional advisors for every section of the program.



The design of the Life Transformation Program was dictated by Spirit through the renowned Intuitive Medium Rachel Hope.  As you progress through the program you will be introduced to each section of the program with a weekly video of Rachel channeling what Spirit would like for you to know.  You will also get a beautifully designed notebook, complete with excavation questions designed to help you internalize the work of each section in the program.

Professional Advisor

Yoga and Meditation
Casting Out and Clearing

Yoga And Meditation

  • Three weeks of live virtual classes on yoga and the moving stagnant energy in the body

  • Guided recorded yoga asana classes for moving stagnant energy that will be your practice throughout the program

  • Live virtual classes on mediation and the importance of clearing your mind

  • Guided recorded meditation you can play on demand and keep forever

  • Excavation Questions

Professional Advisors


Meet Claire Z

Energy Work

Casting Out and Clearing

  • recorded videos of practices that will help you clear your energy field

  • Two weekly live calls to teach you how to feel into your energy body and create the energy shifts necessary

  • learn about different practices from cultures from around the world

  • discover the history of energy casting and its uses today

Professional Advisor


Personal Energy Work

  • recorded videos of practices that will help you attune your energy field

  • Two weekly live calls to teach you how to work with your energy systems

  • learn energy medicine practices that you can do for yourself

  • Explore the answers to the questions, "What is energy?", and "Becoming Unstuck".

Professional Advisor

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