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Life Transformation Program

Three Months.  Four Modules.  One Personal Transformation


  • 2 hour weekly online group meetings for 12 weeks

  • 20 minute weekly coaching calls for 12 weeks with your assigned coach

  • Unlimited access to professional advisor videos

  • Excavation homework. Assignments for deepening and self-reflection

  • Daily meditation

  • Daily movement of your choice

  • Healthful eating

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To transform your life there are certain areas that must be addressed both externally and internally.  This program addresses the necessary components that need to be altered in order to transform your life.  Spirit, through the medium Rachel Hope, has come through to offer clear guidance and clear direction on what must be addressed in order to make the shifts necessary to transform your life.

Yoga and Meditation

The external work offered in this program is both physical and energetic. Through the use of yoga asanas, one will begin to move in a way that will help to open the internal environment through the flow of energy through the body.  A daily meditation practice will begin to calm the mind focus the flow of thoughts in a way that eases the noise and develops mental clarity and calmness. 

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Casting Out and Clearing

The removal of lower energies from the body will allow you freedom from the heavy energetic disturbances that attach themselves to you.  There is a true you at the center of your being and it is covered over with the influences of your internal and external environment. The casting away of energies, the meditation practice and the yoga practice will help to shift and remove these energies s that the foundation may be laid for the deeper work in the program.

Personal Energy Work

You are a bio-electrical being.  Your heart creates a bio-electric field around your body that extends the length of your arms in all directions.  WE can detect the energy field of the body with instruments, we can feel the energy fields of others as we get close to them and we have cameras that will photograph our energy field in full color and yet we ignore or deny its existence or its importance.  In this program you will learn the importance of this system.  It is time to know yourself energetically.

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Detoxification and Nutrition

The importance of good nutrition in your life cannot be overstated.  You are literally made of the food that you eat.  But, how often do you think about the chemicals you ingest from the air that you breath or from the showers that you take?  We have become so inundated with chemical toxins that what you take out of your body is just as important as what you put in your body.

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Inner Child Work

The deeper work offered in this program is the work of the connecting to the Inner Child and connecting to the natural world.  The Inner Child is made up of the dialogue that began in the earliest part of your life that continues to dictate your actions today.  Our professional advisor Lisa Mask will take you through a process of inner discovery, awareness and facilitation to address the words and feelings that keep you from living the life you came here to live. 

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Connecting With Nature

The final component in this program will be a reconnection to nature.  We come from nature.  We are of nature.  And yet we have separated ourselves from it.  This separation creates a physical, emotional, and energetic disturbance in the body.  In this process of finding your way back to nature, doors will b reopened within in you and a true calmness can be attained that will lay the foundation for peace and joy in your life.

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Guided By Spirit

Please join us for this life transformation program. If you have tried other modalities and programs with limited success, we invite you to experience the difference of following a path laid before you by Spirit.  We alone are very powerful but with the guidance and assistance of Spirit you can achieve the life transformation that will course correct you on to the path of your true purpose in this lifetime.

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What You Will Receive With The Program
  • Weekly 2 hour virtual meetings with a professional advisor as you make your way through every section of the program

  • A beautifully designed notebook, complete with excavation questions designed to help you internalize the work of each section in the program

  • Recordings of practices from every section of the program that you can watch over and over

  • An in person retreat in the mountains where you will complete your transformational work reconnecting to nature through forest bathing, earthing and more!


Thanks for registering for the Life Transformation Program. We will get back to very you soon!

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